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Adhesives - Taylor 2071 Wood, Laminate and full Towel adhesives and Titebond Wood Glue
Applicators - Padco and Bona Finish applicators for professionals and Home Owners
Cleaning Supplies - Bona, Pallman and Woodwise Concentrate
Wood Filler- Full Trowel Prefinished, and Grain Filler
Flooring Finish and Sealers- Synteko, Bona , Pallman
High-Pro and Powernail - pneumatic and manual machines, L-Cleats and Staples
Saftey Supplies - Dust Masks, Gloves, Eye and Ear Protection
Sanding Machines - Bona and Clarke Large Sanding, Edger and Buffer Machines, ProTeam Super Coach Vacuum
Sandpaper, Edger Paper - 3M and Bona, Hookits, Belts, Edger Discs, Conversion Pads, Buffer Pads, Screens
Flooring Site Prep - Tape & Masking Film
Stain for Wood Flooring - Bona Drifast Stain
Sub-Floor Prep - Self Leveler, Cork Underlayment

Do you have an existing hardwood floor? Maybe one that is unfinished or pre-finished? It is never too late to re-treat your existing floors to make them into a beautiful masterpiece. Our team can complete any hardwood floor finishing with ease.

Let’s face it: sometimes we bite off a little more than we can chew. At Alaska Wood Flooring Supply, we continuously take over projects in the Anchorage, AK area that the homeowners simply could not finish themselves. Our team of professionals will have your floors in beautiful shape in no time.

Sometimes you may not need complete hardwood floor finishing but rather a good cleaning. We have a long list of cleaning supplies that can really brighten up those existing floors. From sprays and formulas to mops and scrubbers, you are sure to find a suitable product here. All of our cleaning products have a safety guarantee on your new or existing hardwood floors.

Call today to see what the best option is for your floors. Offering hardwood floor finishing professionals and professional cleaning products, there is no doubt we will get the job done!

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