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Whether you are looking for a warm and cozy domestic wood or contemporary exotic wood, Alaska Wood Flooring Supply has you covered. Although we have a wide variety of wood alternatives, we specialize in 100% United States manufactured hardwood flooring.

Domestic Flooring—Our wide variety of domestic flooring gives you a perfect option for any room or decor. From red oak to walnut to pine, we can create a beautiful masterpiece in your home. Hardwood flooring gives every room that touch of class it needs.

Reclaimed Flooring—Reclaimed flooring is a great way to give any room a cozy, rustic feel. With choices ranging from bright reds to deep browns, we will find the perfect style for your home.

Australian Hardwoods—Australian Hardwoods are made from cypress trees, beech trees, gums trees, and more. Get the look and feel of an Australian getaway in the comfort of your own home.

Bamboo Flooring—Bamboo flooring is a beautiful alternative to traditional hardwood flooring. Woven in different patterns, bamboo flooring is sure to impress any company you have. This elegant flooring can take any room from rags to riches in the blink of an eye.

Cork Flooring—Cork floors have endless possibilities for design. This durable and comfortable material can really give your house that extra kick it has been longing for. Cork flooring is easy on the feet, creating a great padding for you and your family, pets, and guests. Cork flooring is very durable and can be swept or vacuumed like any other material.

No matter what look you are going for in your home or business, Alaska Wood Flooring Supply will meet your needs. With our team of professional installers from the Anchorage, AK region, we will make sure all your dreams become a reality. Set an appointment with one of our consultants today to come up with the best option for your home.

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